June 20, 2012

Ibraheem.says("Hello World!");

Hello everybody!
My name is Ibraheem and I am a passionate software developer from Iraq.
I started this blog because I believe in sharing of useful ideas. Technology world is becoming tougher each day with piles of layered techniques and programming stacks. We as developers are in continuous demand for useful resources to ease our tasks/jobs. As I have benefited a lot in countless times from tech blogs, I decided to start one myself and publish content that I hope to be useful to readers.
This blog will be about programming in .NET and SharePoint server. Codes on other languages and technologies will also join the content as well.
Your feedback is warmly encouraged! I really welcome and appreciate comments, recommendations, and even criticism as it is an important way to deliver high quality content and make our minds ‘work’ actively! You can comment on any post, or email me directly at:


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  1. Good job Ibo I think this is a great idea, all the developers will appreciate sharing codes and different information on this blog