September 8, 2012

Snow on your SharePoint!

How about bringing winter right into your SharePoint site?
I found this cool javascript project made by Scott Schiller here. According to project website, there are 2 files, either one can be used:

snowstorm.js --> is the general code
snowstorm-min.js --> optimized, minified version (~40% smaller 'ice')

Now I summed up the steps required to implement this effect on SharePoint 2010/2007: Before you begin, you have to download the 2 files "snowstorm.js" and 'snowstorm-min.js" from the site, then upload these files into the SharePoint site such as in Style Library or a custom folder in it.
There are 2 methods to run snowstorm effect in SharePoint 2010 and 2007:

Method A: Editing the Master page

Use this method when you want the snow effect over all site pages.

1) Using SharePoint Designer, Open your master page file such as 'V4.master' for SP2010 or 'default.master' for SP2007, or you can a specific master page and name it "snowstorm.master".

2) Within the <head> tag of the master page, add a script reference to the javascript file just above the content place holder named "PlaceHolderAdditonalPageHead" (and above your custom CSS references, if applicable) as follows:

<script src="/Style%20Library/snowstorm.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

3) Save the changes to master page. If this a specific master page then apply it to a specific site page.

Method B: Editing the ContentEditorWebPart

[as done by Shoban in here]
Use this method when you want the snow effect over a specific page such as only the home page.

1) Open your SharePoint page and add a Content Editor WebPart.

2) Edit the HTML Source for the content Editor WebPart, add the following code:

[sourcecode language="javascript"]
<script src="/Style%20Library/snowstorm-min.js"></script>

3) set the Chrome Type for the Web Part as 'None', and set Chrome State to 'Minimized'.

4) Save and Exit Edit mode.

After you finish with either of the methods above, open the site page and enjoy the snow. Thats it!

Note: select a suitable theme or customize one so that the snow particles shows clearly.

The Result..

Do you think there are other cool effects that can be applied to SharePoint? please share ideas.

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