November 23, 2012

MS SharePoint App for Win Phone


Microsoft just released a preview version of its 'app' for SharePoint social features on Win Phone.
First, the idea itself is good: this is the 'Facebook' face of the enterprise, where employees can (according to Microsoft):
• Create new status posts
• Add comments to ongoing discussions
• Read and “like” your colleagues’ posts
• @mention a colleague directly 
• Use #hashtags
• Upload pictures
• Discover people profiles
• Work with followed documents
Now this is good isn't it? yes.. BUT..(there is always a but!!)..
But according to reviews so far, apparently its only meant for SharePoint 2013, it lacks the the required functionality to run across SharePoint 2010 as it shows connection errors. Users got confused since this piece of information is not mentioned in the app's description.
That put a negative image over the the app, and the review so far is 2 stars out of 5.

The good news is that its still under development, and Microsoft should really cover up for these holes really good when the finally release their stable version. Should this come true, they should make similar app for iPhone and Android devices.

Here is the link to the app.

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