January 17, 2013

Happy SharePoint-Iraq 4th Anniversary

Happy 4th anniversary to our SharePoint-Iraq team. 

This is a story of our study team and SharePoint. Yes, it was a joint effort between me and my friend Eng. Ahmed Alzubaidy to establish our team for IT studying. We named our team: SharePoint-Iraq because we wanted to start learning Microsoft SharePoint..
We built our small IT lab on January 2009, and started studying SharePoint 2007. We spent 6 months to 'tame' it. We realized that in order to really understand SharePoint, we needed to study the entire Microsoft stack that SharePoint relies on. We studied Windows Server, AD, DNS, SQL Server, IIS, authentication and many other protocols and ideas. That was a huge task by all means, and we are still doing it. Our study process has evolved too and we used white board with stickers and we started recording training videos on the stuff we learn. As time goes we learned/worked on SharePoint 2010 Foundation/Server and Online with the SharePoint Designer and InfoPath Designer. We came a long way, and this is how SharePoint became literally our 'child'.
On a parallel path, I started a programming path for SharePoint so that both Administration and development go side by side. BTW, we named our SP knowledge base as: "SharePoint Empire".. sweet ha!

In 2009

In 2012

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